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Augie's Market Express

All your favorites (plus a few more) from our house to yours!

The secret to our great sandwiches starts with the products we choose.  From Turkey and Deli Sliced Chicken Breast raised on family farms, hormone and GMO free to our Corned Beef, Italian and Roast Beefs made in house daily, you can serve Augie quality at home.  We bottle our own vinegar and oil dressing, and our hot gardinera , and we've made our pasta sauce, meatballs and sausage available for take home - because you've asked!  So skip the deli lines at the store and stock up on Augie's. 


Classic Bologna    6.99/lb

Corned Beef     12.99/lb

Deli Chicken Breast     8.99/lb

Genoa Salami    7.99/lb

Ham - Baked    7.99/lb

Ham - Imported Polish     7.99/lb

Ham - Smoked    7.99/lb

Hot Capicolla     9.99/lb

Imported Polish Ham     7.99/lb

Liver sausage - Usinger     8.99/lb

Mortadella     6.99/lb

Pastrami     12.99/lb

Pepperoni     9.99/lb

Proscuitto     15.99/lb

Roast Beef   14.99/lb

Turkey - Oven Roasted     9.99/lb

Turkey - Honey Cured     9.99/lb

Turkey - Mesq Smoked   9.99/lb


American     5.99/lb

Cheddar - Sharp    7.99/lb

Colby - Longhorn   7.99/lb

Mozzarella    7.99/lb

Muenster    7.99/lb

Pepper Jack    7.99/lb

Provolone    7.99/lb

Swiss     7.99/lb


Qt. Soup of the Day    7.99/ea

Qt. Chili   9.99/ea

Soup of the Day      3.29/lg

Chili     4.99/lg


Augie Original Favorites

Augie's House-made Original Vinegar and Oil Dressing (Love Potion #9)        5.99/bottle

Augie's Hot Gardinera (The Real Deal)   4.99/jar

Deli Salads

Augie's Pasta Salad      3.50/ind   6.99/ lg

Creamy Coleslaw            1.99/ind     3.99/lg

Classic Macaroni         1.99/ind     3.99/lg

Crab Salad                      3.50/ind      6.99/lg

Loaded Baked Potato    3.00/ind     5.99/lg

Marinated Artichokes   4.00/ind     7.99/lg

Marinated Olives       4.00/ind     7.99/lg

Traditional Potato Salad     2.49/ind     4.99/lg   

Tri-Color Rotini           2.50/ind     4.99/lg

Tomato Basil Mozzarella     4.50/ind     8.99/lg

Pasta, Sauce, and Oils

Qt. Red Gravy     7.99/ea

Qt. 8 meatballs w/red gravy 16.00/ea