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Catering Menu

assorted sub sandwiches on a tray with different dipping sauces on the side
various meats and cheeses on a tray with olives, artichokes, pepperoncini and mushrooms
ham and swiss sandwich served on a bun with a side of potato chips and a cookie
chicken parm with melted mozzarella and parsley as a garnish served over linguine and tomato sauce


Augie’s Mega WIngs

Choose BBQ, Buffalo or plain wings. Served with blue cheese anal celery.

100 pieces $99.99 | 50 pieces $54.99

Very Popular

Augie’s Antipasto Platter

Perfect charcuterie combination with all of our Authentic Italian Favorites. thinly sliced prosciutto, capicola, salami and pepperoni with provolone cheese cubes. Our own marinated artichokes, cracked green and kalamata olives, pepperoncini and a freshly sliced loaf of our extra-long French bread

Large (serves 25-30) $89.99 | Medium (serves 15-20) $59.99

Fresh Vegetable Tray

Fresh cut carrots, celery, broccoli, radishes and cauliflower with a choice of Ranch or Chipotle Ranch center dip.

Large (serves 30) $69.99 | Small (serves 15) $39.99


Timeless recipe sure to please. Includes toasted garlic bread.

Large (serves 40) $59.99 | Medium (serves 20) $29.99

Sausage, Cheese And Fruit Platter


Sliced pepperoni, salami cubes, aged cheddar, provolone and pepper jack cheeses with red and green grapes arid crackers,

(Serves 25-30)

Cheese And Fruit Tray


Aged cheddar, pepper jack, swiss and provolone cheeses with white and traditional American slices, crackers and fresh fruit.

(Serves 25-30)

Augie's Creamy Artichoke Spread Or Olive Tapenade


Choose From our own marinated artichokes combined into a creamy spread bursting with flavor, or our Three Olive Tapanade, both served with fresh sliced french bread.

(Serves 20)

Augie's Bruschetta Trio


Fresh toppings to enjoy separately or together: Augie's Bruschetta, Creamy Artichoke spread and our own Olive Tapenade with a combination of toasted garlic bread and fresh sliced French bread.

(Serves 40)

Augie's Timeless Classics

Famous Deli Sandwiches On A Tray


A variety of our most popular deli meats and cheeses on assorted breads, served decoratively on a lidded tray.

Minimum order 10 persons

Round Submarine


Italian, American, or Veggie Style. Decoratively served, perfect for buffets! Pre sliced with domed lid.

(Serves 8-10)

Other styles available at an additional cost.

Mini Croissants Or Mini Gourmet Sandwich Selections


A variety of meats served on your choice of mini buttery croissant or fresh-baked gourmet buns.

2 dozen minimum, price for each piece.

Party Subs On A Tray


Our specialty featuring the same great bread we make our sandwiches on every day. Italian, American, or Veggie Style cut in 3-inch pieces and attractively served. The work is already done, now enjoy the fun!

(Serves 6-7)

Other styles available at an additional cost.

Super Subs

Double high, double wide bread, these super subs feed 5 people per foot and are our most economical option. Choose Italian, American or Veggie for just $25 per foot

(Five people per Foot = $5 per person)

These are sliced, toothpicked and ready to go | Other styles available at an additional cost

Famous Deli Trays

Deli Tray Companions

Bread Tray - Assorted breads and buns on tray: $1.59 per person

Condiment Tray - Tomatoes, onions, leaf lettuce, green and black olives garnish: $1.59 per person

Italian Meat And Cheese Tray

Rows of prosciutto, mortadella, capicola, aged salami, pepperoni and provolone. Garnished with spicy pepperoncini. Yum!

Large (serves 25-30) $89.99 | Medium (serves 15-20) $69.99

Augie's Meat And Cheese Tray

Turkey breast, ham, corned beef, salami, swiss, American cheeses (no salami on small).

Large (serves 25) $79.99 | Medium (serves 20) $59.99 | Small (serves 12) $45.99

Gourmet Meat Tray

Sliced lean Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Turkey and Ham!

Large (serves 25) $89.99 | Medium (serves 20) $69.99 | Small (serves 12) $45.99

Bountiful Buffets

Other buffet options available. All buffets can be customized to meet your needs


Loaded Baked Potato Salad
Traditional Potato Salad
Homemade Parmesan Chips
Vegetarian Baked Beans
Mac and Cheese
Tri-Color Rotini
Creamy Cole Slaw
Macaroni Salad
Tossed Salad

Ask about our seasonal selections | For orders over 25 persons, may choose three

Cold Buffets | The Traditional Deli Buffets


Choose from our popular Italian, American or Vegetarian subs sliced and attractively served. Choose one side. Includes gourmet cookie or brownie tray, plates, napkins, utensils and serving spoons as well as appropriate condiments.

(Serves 6-7)

Hot Buffets | Authentic Italian Sausage And Chicken Giambotta


Hearty mixture of sausage, chicken, potatoes, onions and peppers in light garlic wine sauce. Includes our Italian salad, garlic bread, all appropriate condiments, serving utensils and service ware.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

Hot Buffets | Ma's Chicken Vesuvio Or Chicken Marsala Buffet


Traditional favorites, made fresh using our own family recipes. Served with our Italian salad, and crusty garlic bread. Includes all appropriate condiments, serving utensils, plates and roll-ups.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

Cold Buffets | Gourmet Deli Sandwich Buffet


Begin with our favorite deli-sliced selections served on an assortment of fresh breads and rolls. Piled high as only Augie does, dressed up with romaine leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes. All sandwiches are served on an attractive tray with domed lid. Round out your buffet with either a tray of gourmet cookies, chocolate frosted brownies or combination of both. Includes plates, napkins, utensils, serving spoons and appropriate condiments. Your buffet includes a choice of two sides

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

Hot Buffets | Augie's Famous Beef, Chicken And Mostaciolli Buffet


Our most popular buffet just got better! We still use only the highest quality ingredients with the large portions that made us famous and now you get to choose from many of the chicken dishes that our customers love!

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

#1 Choose your chicken:
Flavorful Chicken Vesuvio, Chicken Marsala, or Augie's Famous Fried Chicken.

#2 Choose two (2) sides:
Loaded baked potato salad, traditional potato salad, creamy coleslaw, vegetarian baked beans, macaroni salad, tri-color rotini, three-bean salad and tossed salad.
For a 30+ person order, choose three (3) sides.

(Ask about our seasonal sides and vegetarian options)

Includes all the trimmings to help your party run itself: napkins, utensils, servings spoons and appropriate condiments. Sweet and hot peppers, parmesan cheese included.

Hot Buffets | Chicken Or Eggplant Parmesan Buffet


Enjoy either of these popular Italian classics at your next event! Served with spaghetti, with our Italian salad, garlic bread. Includes parm cheese, all your serving utensils and plate ware.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

Buffet Package Notice

Three days prior, strongly suggest earlier for peak season. Deli Sandwich buffet notice -- Noon of day prior. Cancellations are accepted until Noon of day prior or upon discretion of kitchen. Every effort will be made to accommodate last minute changes and cancellations with possible surcharge accessed.

Augie's Famous Italian Beef & Sausage Packages

Augie's Beef Math Tip: Figure four people per pound

Fresh french bread loaf $3.29/loaf
Roasted Sweet Peppers $5.99/lb
Hot Peppers $5.99/16oz. jar

For beef already heated and ready to serve, please add $2.00 per 5lb pan

Re-usable warming rack with two sternos $12.00

Augie's Italian Beef Party Package


Made from our own family recipe: 2 1/2 pounds of our hand-trimmed, specially seasoned Italian Beef. Our party package is ready for your special day, special event, or just because. Includes two loaves fresh French bread,1/2 pound each hot peppers and roasted sweet peppers. Don't forget to see our salad selections!

(Serves 8-10 persons)

5 pounds beef, 4 loaves french,1 pound each hot and sweet peppers. (Serves 16-20) $89.99

Augie's Italian Sausage Ala Carte


Want to make your own package? Our Italian sausage in choice of red sauce or beef juice is ready at any time!

Priced per pound (Raw: $5.99 per pound)

Augie's Italian Sausage Party Package


Grilled Italian Sausage served in your choice of marinara sauce or beef juice, with sweet and hot peppers and french bread.

(Serves 8-10 persons)

4 loaves french, 1 pound each hot and sweet peppers. (Serves 16-20) $89.99

Augie's Italian Beef Ala Carte


Want to make your own package? We've got seasoned Italian Beef sliced and ready to go at a moment's notice!

Priced per pound

Box it Up

Ask about our Gluten Free and Vegetarian options. Other boxed lunch options available.

Gourmet Boxed Lunch


Choice of sliced turkey breast, boiled ham, sea­soned roast beef, or corned beef served on a fresh-baked croissant. Served with your choice of loaded baked potato salad, or our rotini pasta salad. Includes two gourmet cookies as well as appropriate condiments, utensils and napkin; each lunch individually boxed.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum.

Classic Brown Bag


Just like your Mom used to make only more grown-up! Choice of sliced turkey breast, boiled ham, seasoned roast beef or corned beef served on a fresh Kaiser roll. A piece of seasonal fruit, bag of chips and a package of two gourmet cookies make this a hearty choice! Appropriate condiments, utensils and napkin included.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum


Pasta buffet pricing is available.

Lasagna Tray

Three different imported cheeses are used in our classic family recipe. Don't forget our salad selections for a complete meal.

Full (serves 18-20) $99.99 | Half (serves 10-12) $59.99

Pasta Ala Carte

Hearty Portions $2.29 per person

Meatballs ala carte $1.99 per piece

Sausage ala carte $2.59 per piece

Augie's Stuffed Shells


Three cheese meatless stuffed shells with our own marinara sauce

(Serves 20-25)

Salads for a Crowd

Augie's Tossed Salad Selection

The freshest of ingredients decoratively served! All salads include bread and serving spoons.

Minimum order 10 persons.

Italian Salad $2.99 per person
Tossed Salad $2.49 per person
Greek Salad $3.99 per person
Ma's Chopped Antipasto Salad $4.99 per person
Caesar Salad $2.99 per person
Chicken Caesar $4.99 per person

Fresh Deli Selection

Augie's Own Fresh Pasta Salad Marinated Artichokes

Creamy Crab Salad

Cracked Green Olives

Traditional Potato Salad

Loaded Baked Potato Salad Macaroni Salad

Creamy Coleslaw

3-Bean Salad

Tri-Color Rotini

Fresh Basil Tomato Mozzarella

Augie's Fresh Fruit Platter


(Serves 15-20)

Augie's Breakfasts

All breakfast buffets include coffee service, juice assortment, plates, silverware, napkins, serving utensils and all the appropriate condiments.

Continental Breakfast Buffet


Fresh assortment of danish, croissants, bagels and a fresh fruit bowl.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum



Ham, sausage or bacon with scrambled eggs, hashbrown patties and a fresh fruit bowl.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

Breakfast Burrito Buffet


Scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon, red-skinned potatoes and all the fixings. Includes a fresh fruit bowl.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

Italian Pepper And Egg Buffet


Augie's classic recipe with hashbrown patties, mini croissants and a fresh fruit bowl.

Priced per person | 10 person minimum

Everything Else Under the Sun

Dessert Trays

Cakes, cookies, brownies, slices and bars. You want it? We got ft. Call today to get our suggestions.

Prices vary

Augie's Soup Of The Day


Packed up and mm-mm-mm good For your crowd. Momma would be so proud.

Priced per person