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Oh, Hi there!  Look what's new!

help wanted

New to the work force?

Ready to leap into the wide world of gainful employment? Augie's is a GREAT first job.  If you can smile, we can train you.  It's not brain surgery - we make sandwiches!

Are you a seasoned worker who wants to work in a friendly, well-established, safe environment?  We want you!

Apply in person at either of our locations - Carol Stream and West Chicago

All positions available - Front of the House and Back of the House.

Spring is here.  Well.  It's coming.  Eventually.

 In the mean time, our meatless wonders are back with some AMAZING additions! 

Dine in.  Carry out.  Or - NEW!! - delivery via our order online platform.

Carol Stream - 630-665-5585. West Chicago 630-293-8602.

spring 2021

Augustino's Deli Social & Safe Catering

Times have changed but the need to celebrate still exists.

Whether it's a Sociall Safe Shower, wedding celebration, graduation, work accomplishment or a brain storming meeting, we need to celebrate, commemorate and collaborate.  But how do we do balance all our new packing need to maintain safety without abandoning our goals to reduce unhealthy materials going into landfills?

Where there's awill, there's a way!

Augustiono's Rock and Roll Deli has rolled out a great new line of catering options featuring boxed lunches with great sandwiches, savory sides and delicious desserts - all individually wrapped and boxed for safety using socially responsible packaging.

Already an industry leader in eco-friendly products since 2008!

We are excited to be able to offer the same great care in thoughtful packaging with our new boxed lunches, snack boxes and charcuterie options.  All of our containers and stack-ables are made with renewable resources.  Even our cutlery is earth friendly!

Social and Safe Classic Boxed Lunches:

Choose from a classic sandwich made on artisan bread, or a salad featuring clean greens:

     Choice of ham, turkey, roast beef or corned beef or

     Garden Mixed Green or Classic Caesar Salad

Add a savory side:

     Deli Salad

     Herb flat bread with herbed cream cheese

     Pretzel twists with cheese spread

 Top it off with a great individually wrapped dessert:

     Pound cake, Triple chocolate cookie, Cage-free brownie, Classic chocolate chip cookie

Each box includes napkins, cutlery, all appropriate condiments.  The box, cutlery and deli containers are all made with renewable resources.  Also available buffet style where guests fill their own boxes $11.99 per box.

Social & Safe Gourmet Boxed Lunches

Each box includes the same Savory Side and Dessert options.  Plus really great gourmet sandwich on artisan fresh bread and salad options:

     Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella with pesto and fresh basil

     Proscuitto, sliced provolone, arugula with butter

    Smoked Turkey and Havarti with white wine dijon

    Smoked ham, gouda and homemade dijonnaise

    Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

     Fresh Mozzarella, tomato and mixed green salad

    Garden Mixed Green Salad with Grilled Chicken

Each box includes napkins, cutlery, all appropriate condiments. The box, cutlery and deli containers are all made with renewable resources. Also available buffet style where guests fill their own boxes $14.99 per box.

 Social & Safe Snack Packs:

Our most popular appetizers individually packaged using our socially responsible containers.  Perfect for afternoon snacks, meetings, adventures and fun on the go! Coming soon in two sizes!

Cheese and Fruit with Crackers

Antipasto Charcuterie

Sausage, Cheese and Fruit

Fresh Veggie Snack Box

What ever you've got going on, we remain here to help.  You got this Augie Friends and Family, and we got you !                                             

Jerry and Cathy and the entire Augustino's staff and family

turkey on french, triple
ham rotini
ham and pound
tom mozz