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Donation Requests

Due to the busy nature of our business, donation requests are processed once a month.
Therefore, please allow about four weeks for a response.

Let us help your charity or organization raise money!

Your Group Can Make 15% Just for Dining Out!

Our most popular and fun way to help your group raise money is through our “Spirit Nights”.

Schools get a chance to show their spirit, sports teams get to show their team pride, and many smaller organizations and teams are provided with the opportunity to get family members involved in supporting their great cause.

How can you plan your spirit night? The process is simple!

1. Submit your Spirit Night request form and we’ll have one of our managers give you a call to set up your date.
2. Tell everyone you know to come and eat at Augie’s on your special night. It helps if you create a flier as a reminder for your special Spirit Night.
3. Dine-in, dine-out, or phone orders it doesn’t matter. As long as they let us know they’re members of your group, their sales count. This is where the fliers come in handy too!)
4. We total up your sales and send you a check!

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July 2022

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