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sub sandwich being made with turkey, provolone cheese, onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard
cheeseburger with coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, beef patty, cheddar cheese, and pickles on a toasted bun served with crinkle cut french fries
chicken caesar wrap in a spinach wrap
bowl of chili topped with shredded cheese and white onions

Signature Subs

Loved by Generations...
Because our fans know we only use the highest quality meats & cheeses and still fully loaded!

GF par baked sub roll $3.00 | GF white or ancient grain $1.00 available for regular size sub.

Augie's Famous Italian Sub

French bread with salami, capicola, mortadella, provolone cheese, tomato,
onion, topped off with our famous vinegar and oil dressing

7-inch sub $6.99 (GF available) | 12-inch sub $11.29

All American Sub

French bread with salami, ham, bologna, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and

7-inch sub $6.99 (GF available) | 12-inch sub $11.29

Augie's Vegetarian

Now with AVOCADO, fresh sliced cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper, choice of cheese, topped off with our famous, vinegar and oil dressing

7-inch sub $6.99 (GF available) | 12-inch sub $11.29

From the Deli Case

Mounds of The Highest Quality Meats on a Sandwich Built by You!

Unless otherwise indicated, everything is lettuce, tomato, mayo and onion.
All prices for 7-inch sub. Please double for 12-inch.

French | White | Multi-grain | Rye | Kaiser | Onion Roll  
Croissant or Specialty breads 50¢
Gluten free bread available for additional charge | Bread selection, GF sub-roll $3.00, GF
white or “ancient grain” $1.00

$1.00American | Swiss | Colby | Cheddar | Provolone | Muenster | Pepper Jack | Mozzarella
$2 .00 Fresh Mozzarella, Vegan Cheddar cheese, Gouda and Havarti

Mustard | White Wine Dijon | Stone Ground | Horseradish | Honey Mustard | Chipotle | Pickle (25¢) | Avocado ($1.00)

Stand by Your Ham


Choose from imported Polish, smoked pit ham, or traditional boiled ham

Fresh Sliced Turkey Breast


Raised on family farms, we use a whole muscle turkey that’s roasted without using binders or fillers. Choose from traditional oven roasted, mesquite smoked or honey cured

Deli Sliced Chicken Breast


Naturally roasted using sea salt, no hormones or GMO's

Homemade Wild Caught Tuna Salad


Mom’s Homemade Egg Salad


Chunky Chicken Salad


Featuring all white meat

Augie’s In-house Slow Roasted Beef


Classic Liver Sausage


We Get it. You’re either in or your out

Old Fashioned Bologna Sandwich


Sides & Solos

Toasted Ravioli


Deep Fried Pickles


Sweet Potato Fries


Chili Cheese Fries


Grade A French Fries


Add dipping sauce 50¢: cheese ranch, chipotle sauce

Buffalo Chips


Our housemade chips topped with buffalo sauce and blue cheese

Breaded Mushrooms


Cheese Styx


Onion Rings


Deli Pickle


Garlic Fries


Our classic fries topped with a parmesan garlic sauce

Deli Salads by The Pound

Augie’s pasta salad, marinated artichokes, crab salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, coleslaw, fresh tomato mozzarella.
Available in single serve or crowd size containers

The Legends

NY styles, Reubens, Italian sausage and hot dog all available GF for small upcharge

NY Style Corned Beef


Seasoned and cooked in house, this classic is trimmed, steamed and sliced thin before piling it high on your choice of onion roll or classic rye bread. Choose regular, stone ground, or white wine dijon mustard

NY Style Pastrami


Trimmed lean, steamed and sliced thin before piling it high on your choice of bread

Augie’s Half & Half


The best of both worlds, this wonderful combo features both our in house cooked corned beef and peppery pastrami piled high on your choice of bread

Classic Reuben Or Turkey Reuben


Choose from our own corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and 1000 Island dressing piled on marble rye

Augie's Classic Combo


A Fabulous Duet featuring a grilled Italian sausage topped with our world famous Italian beef

Augie's World Famous Italian Beef

This is the stuff our fans crave!  Our own slow roasted Italian Beef made in house, tender and flavorful!

5-inch  5.99 | Large Beef 8.29

Augie's Supreme Meatball Sub


Augie’s hand rolled meatball recipe prepared each and every day, baked and topped with our house-made marinara sauce

Italian Sausage


A Classic on its own

Aug Dog


Vienna Beef Classic Dog served Chicago Style of course!
GF Bun $1

Open Face / Two Hands Required

All Grinders and Roasted Veggie Melt can be made GF

Buffalo Blue Chicken Sandwich


Organic, hormone free chicken breast breaded in house, soaked in buffalo sauce, then topped with ranch dressing and blue cheese crumbles

Chicken Parmesan


Open faced beauty breaded in house, served open faced, with our own house-made marinara sauce

Eggplant Parmesan


Fresh slices of eggplant breaded in house, served open faced with our own house-made marinara sauce

Maxwell Street Polish


Classic grilled to order Polish sausage with mustard and grilled onions.
(add Kraut 75¢)

Roasted Veggie Melt (GF available)


Grilled eggplant, tomatoes, onions and our famous slow roasted peppers, topped with provolone cheese and fresh basil

Turkey Grinder (GF available)


Fresh sliced oven roasted turkey baked in the oven with provolone cheese and then topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, Augie’s vinegar and oil and slow roasted peppers

Italian Grinder (GF available)


Our signature Italian sub baked in the oven with provolone cheese, then topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, Augie’s vinegar and oil and slow roasted peppers

From The Grill / Burgers

NEW 100% Certified Angus 1/3 pound burgers; fresh-never frozen. Eat better because you deserve better.

Mushrooms, Avocado, or Blue Cheese $1.00
GF Burger Bun $2

Augie Single


NEW SIZE. Our single is now a 1/3 lb of juicy certified Angus burger charbroiled over open flame and sprinkled with a touch of salt to lock in the flavor. Served on an old fashioned toasted & buttered bun with mayo, crisp lettuce, red ripe tomato slice, sliced onion, pickles, mustard, ketchup and American cheese

Augie Double


NEW SIZE. Our Augie Double is piled high with TWO 1/3 lb of juicy certified Angus burgers

Sha Na Nadda Burger


Freshly grilled plant based heaven topped with red ripe tomato, crisp lettuce, sliced red onion, pickles, mayo mustard, ketchup and vegan cheddar cheese
Comes with Fries or Chips

Gourmet Grilled Chicken Breast


Organic, hormone free chicken breast lightly seasoned with smoked bacon, gouda, dijon mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion. Comes with choice of fries or homemade Parmesan chips

The Boss Aug Burger


Just like Augie himself, this burger is like no other! A 1/3 lb burger topped with our own seasoned corned beef, Swiss cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce tomato,
onion and a signature sauce, on a toasted bun
Comes with Fries or Chips

Classic Meals

With homemade chips, fries, or sweet potato fries (50¢)

(GF) denotes can be made GF for a small upcharge

Augie’s “To Die For” Steak Sandwich


Hand trimmed and grilled to order topped with both crumbled blue and creamy blue cheese dressing, red onions and chopped tomatoes on artisan bread

Philly Steak Or Chicken Philly Sandwich (GF available)


Hand sliced and tender with grilled mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers and white American cheese

Crispy Chicken Tenders


Served with honey mustard or BBQ sauce for dipping

Grown Up Grilled Cheese (GF available)


3-cheese melted and topped with avocado and tomato

Turkey Bacon Club


A classic made with our signature oven roasted turkey

BLT Club


Simple, yet sooo good

Classic Patty Melt (GF available)


Fresh char-broiled burger topped with grilled onions, Swiss cheese, on toasted marble rye

Fresh Wraps

Chicken Caesar Wrap


Our classic Caesar Salad with grilled chicken stuffed in a spinach wrap and then
surrounded by even more Caesar Salad

Chicken Bacon Wrap


Deli Chicken breast, bacon, red onion, tomatoes and lettuce in a wheat wrap with choice of BBQ, ranch, or honey mustard sauce and homemade chips or fries

California Wrap


Turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mayo in a wheat wrap with homemade chips or fries

Southwest Chipotle Wrap


Tender turkey breast with tasty ancho chipotle sauce, jack cheese, tomato and
green peppers in a tomato herb wrap with homemade chips or fries

Clean Greens

Dressing choices: Our own home made Italian vinegar and oil dressing | ranch | honey mustard | balsamic | light raspberry | creamy Caesar | 1000 island | Blue Cheese (75¢).
All salads served with fresh bialy roll.

Classic Italian Salad

Fresh chopped lettuce, tomatoes, cubed provolone cheese, and sliced red onion.

Large 6.99 | Side 4.99

Augie's Cobb Salad


Tasty mounds of chicken, avocado, bacon, black olives, eggs, tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese and a mixture of iceberg and romaine lettuce

Ma's Antipasto Salad


Tasty chopped salad featuring our own marinated artichokes, romaine and
iceberg, lettuce, mini penne pasta, olives, fresh mushrooms, salami, tomatoes, red onion, provolone and bleu cheese crumbles with our own vinegar and oil dressing

Mixed Green Side Salad


Cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, cucumbers, red onion, and homemade croutons

Authentic Greek Salad


Greek olives, feta cheese, Roma tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and pepperoncinis with our own vinegar and oil dressing

Augie’s Tomato Mozzarella Salad


Slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on a bed of mixed greens with red onions, fresh basil, and homemade croutons with our own vinegar and oil dressing

Caesar Salad

A homemade classic with in house croutons

Large 6.99 | Side 4.99

Our Italian Roots

Meatball 2.99 | Italian Sausage 2.99 | Grilled Chicken 2.99 | Garlic Bread 2.29

Chicken Or Eggplant Parmesan


Two favorites over your choice of Spaghetti or Mostaccioli

Spaghetti or Mostaccioli


Served with our own homemade red gravy and a fresh bialy roll

Aug's Lasagna


From our personal family recipes featuring three cheeses, our homemade red
gravy, and fresh bialy roll

Soups & Chili

With crackers or bialy bread

Soup Of The Day

Small 2.29 | Large 3.99 | Super Large 7.99

Augie's Chili

Add cheese and onions 50¢

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99 | Super Large 9.99

Augie’s Loaded Pizzas

Choose thick or thin crust

Augie’s Chicken BBQ

Zesty BBQ blend topped with grilled hormone free chicken breast, red onion, and cheddar mozzarella cheese blend

12-inch 16.99 | 14-inch 21.99 | 16-inch 25.99

Augie's Anything and Everything

A fan favorite with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, roasted sweet peppers, onions and black olives

12-inch 16.99 | 14-inch 21.99 | 16-inch 25.99

Augie’s Charcuterie Pizza

Thinly sliced Prosciutto, artichoke hearts, green and black olives, roasted red peppers, pepperoncinis, fresh garlic, topped off with shaved Parmesan and fresh basil

12-inch 16.99 | 14-inch 21.99 | 16-inch 25.99

Jerry's Favorite

Three cheese blend topped with meatballs, fresh ricotta cheese, roasted sweet peppers and hot giardiniera

12-inch 16.99 | 14-inch 21.99 | 16-inch 25.99

Augie’s Tomato Mozzarella Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, olive oil, seasoning topped with fresh basil

12-inch 16.99 | 14-inch 21.99 | 16-inch 25.99

Create Your Own

Choose Thick or Thin Crust 
12-inch 12.99 | 14-inch 14.99 | 16-inch 16.99 
Gluten Free-Vegan Individual Cauliflower Crust add 3.00

12-inch 2.50 | 14-inch 3.00 | 16-inch 3.50 
Sausage | Pepperoni | Onions | Roasted Sweet Peppers | Mushrooms | Green Olives | Black Olives | Ricotta Cheese | Tomatoes

Breakfast All Day

GF denotes Gluten Free - GF par baked sub roll $3.00, GF white or ancient grain $1.00

Make Any Breakfast a Roadie Combo! 8.99 (GF)
Add hashbrowns and coffee or orange juice

Pepper & Egg Sandwich (GF available)


A true Italian staple

Roadie Scramwich (GF available)


Ham, bacon, or sausage with scrambled eggs on a bagel, croissant, English muffin, or a French bread

Breakfast Burrito


Our own slow roasted peppers with sausage, tomatoes, onions and cheese in a flour tortilla



Diet Coke

Coke Zero


Fanta Orange

Barq’s Root Beer

Fresh brewed Ice Tea


Bottled Water

Green River



Thanks for Stopping in!

Jerry, Cathy, & our entire Augustino's Family.